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CBD-infused Body Balm

I am allergic to ingredients that are common in many lotions (such as aloe), so I'm learning how to make my own. I love this CBD-infused balm! It helps my Mom with her back spasms (she was in a bad car accident when she was a teenager.)  This buttery cream helps me with restless leg syndrome, as well as arthritis in my hands. I like to use it as face cream at bedtime. I've even used it to soothe fire ant bites. 

I call it "Pea Souffle CBD Balm" because of the color. Full Spectrum CBD is very green so the finished balm is a light pea green color. 


  • 3 oz raw Shea butter (from eBay or Walmart.com)
  • 2 oz raw Cocoa butter (from eBay or Walmart.com)
  • 1 oz Beeswax pellets (from SwansonHealth.com)
  • 4-5 oz NOW brand Sweet Almond Oil (from SwansonHealth.com)
  • 1 oz NOW brand Vitamin E Oil (olive oil base)  
  • 1 ounce bottle of HempWorx CBD Oil (preferably 500mg bottle, unflavored) 
  • 30 drops of Lavender Essential oil (from SwansonHealth.com)


First, measure the oils: cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, olive oil and almond oil. I used an old postal scale to verify that I had correct amounts of each. (I was careful because I want to know exactly how much CBD is in my body balm when it's finished.) 


Melt the hard oils together: Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Beeswax. (Don't warm up the almond oil, CBD or Lavender.)


I set the bowl in a pan of water and heated it on low (on the stove) until the oils were melted. I used a small casserole dish since it was the best size for this project, and it could be heated. 


The beeswax was the last to melt, and I used a small wisk to help speed it up. Don't let the oils get too hot; you want them to be just-melted to liquid form.


Remove from heat. 

Stir in the Sweet Almond oil, Olive oil and the Lavender drops. 


Last, I pour in a 1 ounce bottle of 500mg CBD oil. Full-Spectrum CBD is green in color and will make your oil mixture look muddy green. I used the natural (unflavored) full-spectrum CBD oil from HempWorx, because I prefer the results we get from the full-spectrum oil. The color does improve once the oils are cooled and whipped. 

Since I used 11 oz of oils, altogether, this means there is approx. 45 mg of CBD oil in each ounce of body balm (which is plenty since this is intended for use as a body cream, not as ointment.) 


Stir the oils so everything is well-mixed. Put in the refrigerator or freezer for 10 minutes to cool. The photo above shows the oils when they are firm again. 


When the oils are firm, stir and then use your kitchen mixer to whip the oils as you would whip cream or egg whites. 

I do put the bowl of oil back in the fridge a couple of times and whip it again each time, in order to make it more "fluffy." 


When the oils are as fluffy as they're going to be, pack your Pea Souffle CBD Balm in small jars with lids. I have used a cute little sugar bowl as a container, but I've also purchased white plastic jars from Specialty Bottle Co. 

I call it "Pea Souffle" CBD Balm because of the color. Full Spectrum CBD is very green so the finished balm is a light pea green color. 

If the CBD Balm gets too soft in warm weather (we're in Florida) you can refrigerate to firm it up again. I store my extra jars in the fridge, too. 

This recipe makes a very creamy butter that is good for massage cream. My mother has terrible back spasms due to a car accident many years ago, so I wanted a cream that would work well for her. The velvety shea butter and cocoa butter make a good base for this purpose, and beeswax is very nourishing. The CBD is effective for calming her muscle spasms. The Vitamin E oil will help prevent oxidation. 


I absolutely love the HempWorx Cinnamon CBD in a cup of Hibiscus Herbal tea. I found the hibiscus tea at Save A Lot. Hibiscus tea is also available as Red Zinger Tea at most grocery stores. Hibiscus tea is red tea with a bold fruity flavor. I use Stevia for sweetener. 

I like to add the cinnamon CBD to my morning coffee, too.