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Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

  • HempWorx CBD hemp oils are available in two concentrations - 500mg and 750mg of active Cannabidiol (CBD). 
  • Our oils are available in three flavors - Cinnamon, Peppermint and Natural.
  • We do not use any artificial sweeteners or flavoring.
  • Full Spectrum or THC Free: We have Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oils which contain trace amounts of THC to help our customers achieve the “Entourage Effect”.
  • Additionally, you can purchase a ZERO THC version of the oils if you are subject to regular drug screening.
  • Our CBD oil is produced on Kentucky farms using Organic methods and is free of GMOs, synthetics, fillers, and other harmful ingredients.




Hemp-Infused Coffee

Each cup of our delicious coffee contains 5mg of Hemp-Derived CBD (150mg per box.) Get our coffee today for as little as $2.30 per cup! Instant Arabica Coffee formula mixes easily with hot water. HempWorx Coffee uses Arabica Beans and all natural ingredients: Gluten Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Non-GMO. This product contains ZERO THC. 




CBD Keto Coffee Creamers

Our creamers come in three flavors: Hazelnut, Vanilla, and Mocha. Turn Your Coffee Into CBD Keto Coffee! Each creamer stick pack contains 5mg of Hemp Oil Extract. This product contains ZERO THC. Our creamers are Gluten Free, Vegan, Keto, Cruelty Free, and Sugar Free. 



Renew Anti-Aging Cream

Our Renew Anti-Aging cream may help the skin look younger, tighter, and brighter. Additionally, this product can help increase the longevity of skin cells. Renew Anti-Aging cream may help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Renew Anti-Aging cream contains 50mg of Active Cannabidiol (CBD). This product contains ZERO THC. 






Revive Cream

Revive Cream is infused with Collagen Retinol which has incredible benefits for the skin. Our Revive Cream is quickly absorbed through the skin and contains 50mg of Cannabidiol (CBD). Revive contains an exclusive blend of ingredients that hydrate and moisturize the skin, thereby minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 





Relief Icy Pain Rub

Our Relief Cream is infused with Emu Oil and Cannabidiol (CBD). This product contains ZERO THC. Relief Cream soothes and relaxes sore muscles. Relief Cream contains 50mg of Active Cannabidiol (CBD).




HempWorx for Pets

Beef flavored Dog Treats are soy-free, corn-free and grain-free, without any artificial ingredients. Made in USA. Dog treats have 2.5mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp oil. 

Bacon Flavored Hemp Oil for pets contains 250mg CBD hemp oil per bottle. Pet products activate the CB2 receptors for your furry friends. By activating these receptors, studies have shown that it can help optimize overall health and balance. 


60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We are so confident in all our HEMPWORX PRODUCTS
that we offer a 60 day empty bottle refund policy.
If you change your mind within 60 days of ordering,
send it back and we’ll refund your purchase.

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